July 21 services to feature explanation of our Eucharist

eucharist explained.jpg

“Do I stand now?” “Why do they come into the middle of the congregation to read the Gospel?” “Why do we sing some things the same every week, and other things differently?”

Whether you’re a long-time Episcopalian, or new to the “Anglican Way”, there are bound to be some things that happen during the Sunday services that raise questions. So, on Sunday, July 21, ALL THREE services will be “Instructed Eucharists”.  That is, instead of the sermon (Rejoice, rejoice, believers!), the service will be explained as we go along. This will serve as a good refresher for some, and a good introduction for others!

In connection with that, the Faith Forum that day (between the two morning services) will be on “The Body at Prayer’. In that discussion, we’ll address the “Episcopal Calisthenics” that happen during the service.  Think:  bowing, crossing oneself, etc.  Come with curiosity!