Music with a Mission looks toward expansion and incorporation in 2020


When we first embarked on our Music with a Mission Concert Series, we had no idea if the series would succeed, or if it would be supported by our parishioners and our community. We are now five years into this project, and we think you will agree that YES! – We have created something that resonates with our parishioners, our community and our mission organizations. The big question is – What do we do now? What would God have us do? If we want to maximize the number of people we reach with this series, then looking toward expansion is the natural progression. But what exactly does that mean? How much will that cost? And most importantly, how do we raise the additional funding?

Let’s look at each of these questions in closer detail.

1)      What is involved in expanding the series?

The first step in expanding the series is to explore whether it makes sense for Music with a Mission to establish its own 501c3 status separate from Good Shepherd. This will enable us to apply for SCFD (Scientific and Cultural Facilities District) funding and make us a bigger player in the sea of arts and cultural organizations in Colorado. We will then have the money we need to attract more top name artists and advertise to a larger audience. This process will take time, and will involve creating an official Board of Directors, writing By-Laws, submitting incorporation paperwork and ultimately applying to the IRS. If you are a lawyer or have any experience with 501c3 paperwork, please let DeeDee know. We have been told that we must survive for five years on our own once we incorporate before we can apply for SCFD funding.

2)      How much will it cost to expand?

We anticipate the cost of incorporation to be between $500 and $1,000. Costs for advertising to a larger audience and attracting bigger name artists will be significantly more ($5,000 +). We would also like to purchase proper stage lights for the series ($500).

3)      How will we raise the additional funding?

The additional funding will need to come from Angel and Corporate Sponsors. Our parishioners have been so generous in helping us sustain the series to date, and we will continue to rely on you for Angel Sponsorships. This year, however, we are making a more intentional effort to attract additional Corporate Sponsors. If you work for a company that we can approach for funding, please contact DeeDee with the appropriate contact name so she can set up a meeting.

Thank you for your continued support of our concert series. If you have questions, or would like to get involved in our expansion efforts, please contact DeeDee Atwood at