Update on the installation of our new organ and choir loft remodel


In less than a year, we have raised over $65,000 for our new organ. The costs for the organ installation and choir loft remodel are adding up, though, mostly due to additional electrical requirements and new speaker cabinets. Parishioner Curt Watson has taken over the preparation for this project, and is working with electricians and builders. We want this work to be done with proper code requirements, and be inspected for safety. We must raise several thousand more dollars to complete this project.

Recently, a member said, "The congregation is very supportive of the music program in our church. They will continue to help with this cost."

Connie Branton and her team are optimistic that we CAN do this!!!

If you have thought about a donation, now is the time. You may use the forms available on the organ board in the hallway to make a donation. If you have any questions, please contact Connie via email.