Hungry Flock, Good Shepherd’s supper club, to resume October 12

hungry flock logo.png

It’s almost time for Hungry Flock to resume. We will start on October 12 and continue meeting the second Saturday of the month through May. 

Hungry Flock is Good Shepherd’s monthly “supper club.”  It is Good Shepherd’s oldest social group having started shortly after Good Shepherd began. All are welcome, couples, singles, seniors, and even high schoolers who think an evening with adults would be fun!  Everyone takes a turn at hosting a group for dinner. The size of the groups vary from four on up, depending on how many people the host family can accommodate.  The host provides the main dish and dinner wine.  Participants bring whatever is necessary to complete the meal, including their preferred pre-dinner libation.  If a member is unable to host at their home, the May gathering is at the church.  Whoever hasn’t hosted during the year brings a main dish and helps with set up and cleanup.  Everyone else brings accompaniments—appetizers, vegetables, or desserts.  The December gathering is at one home with everyone bringing an appetizer or dessert to share.  

Sign up will begin September 8 at the ministry fair after both services and at the evening service. At that time, you can indicate which month you would like to host and how many people you can accommodate.  If you won’t be at church that Sunday, please contact me at to sign up or for further information.