Congregational Care update: Presence Ministry


The Congregational Care Ministry committee (Karin Elsen, Bev White, The Rev. Sandy Boyd, Greg Bell, Nan Behringer and Duanne Namaksy) continues to work on the many ways we can all care for each other. Thank you for visiting us at the Ministry Fair!

Have you ever been told you are a good listener? Do you have a desire to be with others, hear their stories, and provide encouragement? If you have this gift, consider being part of our Presence Ministry. With a congregation of our size, we need folks to serve with our pastor and other volunteers in Congregational Care.

The Presence Ministry is working on a program for those of you who want to volunteer your time by being a presence and connection for congregation members. These spiritual caregivers will provide their time to be with members in time of need. This would include care, concern, prayer, support and presence for those members who might be experiencing surgery, illness, loneliness and other needs. The spiritual caregivers telephone people in need of contact, and meet one-on-one with persons needing a listening ear and offer support for grieving families. We will also have volunteers (called “Shepherds”) who will be keeping in contact with members to assess their needs. The Shepherds will be assigned a specific list of congregants to keep in contact with mostly by phone calls. There will be a need for volunteers to send greeting cards to congregants as well.

This ministry also includes the Eucharist Visitor Ministry and if you would like to be part of the Eucharist Visitor Ministry, taking communion to church members who cannot make it to a service, you can contact Greg Bell. If you are being called to be a part of this Presence ministry and you have the time, compassion and commitment, please see Bev White or any of the CCM members.