CREDO! - Fr. Gary heads to a conference


In late October, I will be heading off to CREDO (which stands for “Clergy Reflection, Education, and Development Opportunity”). It is amazing week of thinking, praying, reflecting and resting. It’s all about affirming wellness—in my case, the wellness of clergy.  (By the way, Bp. Kym is focused on “Healthy Congregations, Healthy Clergy"!)

I signed up, and paid, for this in the spring of 2018 - before I came to Good Shepherd. I knew, that wherever I might serve, I would benefit from this week away (I’ve been invited—and gone—twice before). But, now, it comes at an amazing time for me, and for Good Shepherd!  We are visioning; we are looking towards the future.  A bit of “away time with intention” will equip me with new ideas and energy to bring back to Denver (I’ll be headed to the Gulf Coast).

While I’m gone, the flock will be in good hands!  The Congregational Care Ministry team will handle emergencies with grace and compassion. And, as I’ll be away one Sunday morning, I’m grateful to Bishop Cal Schofield for filling in for me on October 27!

I covet your prayers! I’ll be praying for you!  It’s all about ALL of our health!