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Lenten Quiet Morning

Many of us live super-busy lives and the stress takes a toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  However, studies have shown the value of quiet activities, such as meditation and prayer, in reducing the effects of stress and in finding peace.
To help with this cause, Good Shepherd’s Grow In Faith Team will offer a Lenten Quiet Morning on Saturday, March 17, in the Chapel from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  It will be a “user-friendly” drop-in setting where you are invited to pray, read selected reflections, and walk the circular paths of the labyrinth in silence.  It will be an opportunity to think about the meaning of Lent and prepare for Holy Week, as well as to renew your spirit for the coming Easter season.

An indoor labyrinth will be set up in the parish hall.  You may not know that labyrinths were first used in Christian worship dating back to the 4th century.  In medieval times, labyrinths appeared in churches around 1000 C.E. with the most famous at Chartres Cathedral in France.  Walking the labyrinth today quiets the mind, opens the heart and grounds the body.  For those who have not had the experience, we encourage you to try it!