Helping Denver's Homeless

St. Francis Center is a refuge for men and women who are homeless in the metro Denver area, providing shelter along with services that enable people to meet their basic needs for daily survival and to transition out of homelessness.  On an average day, over 700 different people visit St. Francis Center, and on a busy day, over 900 people may pass through their doors.  

Good Shepherd supports St. Francis Center's efforts by organizing volunteers to work at the center located in Downtown Denver.  Volunteering provides an opportunity to serve the less fortunate and to understand the many issues facing the homeless community in Denver.  Some of the jobs include handing out mail and personal items,  working in the laundry facility washing, sorting and replenishing supplies and putting these items in the “clothes closet”.  And of course, greeting and talking to the guests is a big help.  

Whatever time you can give will help serve the clients in a meaningful way. If you have a caring heart and you would like to help the with the ever present problem of homelessness, please contact Mary Jane Koerner. She can answer any questions you may have about serving at St. Francis Center, and will help connect you with the right people to schedule your hours. Free parking is available across the street from the center.

who are "the homeless"

There is no one typical person or family that becomes homeless; the circumstances of each person’s life are uniquely theirs. The four main reasons why people become homeless are loss of job, domestic abuse, mental health problems, and increased rent. In some cases, substance abuse is a factor, but it is not the primary cause of homelessness.

Today there are more homeless families than ever before, with 60% being parents and children in families, and 40% being single adults.

One lost paycheck, one catastrophic event, and becoming homeless can and is a reality for many.

Mary Jane Koerner Ministry Coordinator

Mary Jane Koerner
Ministry Coordinator

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Learn more about the work of St. Francis Center by visiting their website.