Congregational Care update


Your Congregational Care Ministry committee (Karin Elsen, Bev White, Rev. Sandy Boyd, and Greg Bell) has been meeting, and hosting Sunday Forums during the summer, with the objective of identifying needs for care in our congregation, centering on three ministry areas:

·         Utility Ministries (For congregants who need rides, grocery runs, light repairs, etc.) Nan Behringer will be helping to organize this ministry and we are now seeking volunteers who can give their time based on their availability. We will stock a supply of soup too, so help is needed there. Sign-ups will be at the Ministry Fair or by contacting Nan or any CCM member.

·         Presence Ministries (For congregants who need different levels of spiritual presence, such as EV’s, contact, prayers, etc.) We need volunteers to be responsible for maintaining contact with our list of congregants, so that communication remains open to the evolving needs and concerns of our ‘flock’. These contacts can be mostly by telephone. Sign-ups will be at the Ministry Fair or by contacting Greg Bell or any CCM member. A local residence home has asked us if we could provide spiritual companionship, with Bible reading, to one or more of their elderly residents. If you are interested, please contact Karin Elsen. If you are being called to the Eucharist Visitor Ministry, please see Greg Bell’s article this month.

·         Activity Ministries (What are ways in which we can we sustain healthy minds and bodies, and spiritual wellness?) We’re looking at things like balance classes to be offered at the church. If you have any ideas or leads, let us know. The CCM committee is focused on welcoming volunteers interested in meeting these needs, and the necessary preparations and training for them.

As we formally organize the Congregational Care Ministry at Good Shepherd, we do so by recognizing that God has already been working through many of you to care for others in our congregation. Our desire as a team is to enhance that kind of care, not replace it! Thank you to all who gave feedback and came forward to volunteer - we will be in touch. We look forward to seeing you at our Ministry Fair booth, on Sept. 8!