The Search for our New Rector Begins with YOU!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the transition process to find the next Rector for Good Shepherd. Your participation is vital to the process, and there are many ways for you to get involved. Please continue to check this page for updates, and fill out the form below to send us your feedback or volunteer to help.


latest update:

Our profile went up on the national website June 21. It is expected to remain up until the end of July. The vestry is being trained in interview techniques and developing questions and processes based on our needs assessment/profile.

Our July morning service clergy:

July 1: Rev. Gary Horle

July 8: Rev. Rick Meyers

July 15: Rev. Nina Churchman 

July 22: Rev. Stewart Jones

July 29: Rev. Stewart Jones

Rt. Rev. Cal Scholfield and Rev. Merrie Need will continue to alternate for the 6pm service.

Vestry members are in negotiation for a longer-term supply priest to cover the morning services and provide pastoral care as needed for August and September, if we do not have our Priest in Charge by then.


In the meantime, pray!

Pray for wisdom for the vestry making a tough decision, pray for the candidates for all the parishes in our state that they may hear God tell them where He is calling them to do His work, and pray for discernment regarding your role in this transition. Pray for the clergy who will be guiding us as supply priests. Prayer is always in order.  
This is a sacred time for us all.  Let us join together. 


Send us your feedback or volunteer by filling out the form below