The Search for our New Rector Begins with YOU!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the transition process to find the next Rector for Good Shepherd. Your participation is vital to the process, and there are many ways for you to get involved. Please continue to check this page for updates, and fill out the form below to send us your feedback or volunteer to help.


latest update:

The Vestry voted April 17 to use the Priest in Charge process to find our next Rector. Among the reasons for the decision were the potential for all parishioners to have involvement and a sense of ownership in the process, the opportunity to work in partnership with the Priest in Charge in discerning how God wants us to serve our community, and the intentionality of the process.

Our new Priest in Charge may come from anywhere in the Episcopal Church. The Bishop and his staff are currently examining many candidates for parishes in Colorado. But, before we get any names, we have some work to do as a parish. We need to examine our worship and music styles and describe them for prospective priests; we need to describe a moment or moments in our recent ministry which we recognize as one of success and fulfillment; we need to describe how we incorporate people in ministry. We need to have a conversation about how we care for our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being as a worshiping community and how we engage in pastoral care beyond our worshipping community. We need to think about what we expect of ourselves and what we expect of a priest. Some of those answers may seem fairly easy to answer, some are extremely complex. One of the things that vestry members found exciting about the priest in charge process was the latitude to involve the entire worshipping community in decisions about our future. All of us have roles to play in discussions about our parish. There are plenty of things for each of us to do!

Some of those roles begin almost immediately as Deborah Sampson is designing a series of ways parishioners can be involved in the transition, including meetings, surveys, etc. Anyone interested in working on that with Deb can indicate why they are interested and their contact information on the form below. There will soon be a separate space on this website to share outcomes and questions. Be watching for it.

If you want to share a concern about the transition with the vestry, feel free to use the same form. If you wish a vestry member to contact you, please provide contact information and request a call in the message. Otherwise, contact information is optional.


In the meantime, pray!

Pray for wisdom for the vestry making a tough decision, pray for the candidates for all the parishes in our state that they may hear God tell them where He is calling them to do His work, and pray for discernment regarding your role in this transition. Pray for the clergy who will be guiding us as interim and supply priests. Prayer is always in order.  
This is a sacred time for us all.  Let us join together. 


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