Planned Giving: Our Legacy

Leaving a planned gift to Good Shepherd’s mission reminds the next generation of your enduring faith and beliefs. Since the first Book of Common Prayer, Episcopalians have been encouraged to make a will, to provide for their families, and to make bequests for religious and charitable purposes if possible.

The Good Shepherd Episcopal Church’s Legacy Society honors faithful Christian stewards who make financial provisions in their personal estate for the future of our parish. We are deeply grateful to our Legacy Society Members who have pledged to ensure that Good Shepherd’s building and grounds are sustained for future use and its vital mission and ministries thrive. We acknowledge, by inscribing the present Members’ names on the Legacy Society plaque displayed in the church, that each generation inherits the legacy of service and giving from the previous generation.

If you have already named Good Shepherd as a beneficiary in your will, thank you! Please make sure that you have notified the Legacy Society of your intent to make such a gift. If you are interested in joining the Legacy Society, please let us know how we can help you find the resources and counseling you need.

What is Legacy Giving?

Gift planning establishes a way, through financial arrangements of an estate, for a giver to provide for his or her family and loved ones and to remember the church as well.

Giving a monetary gift to the church involves financial and estate preparation, but is not only for the wealthy. Through planned giving, parishioners of all means and responsibilities may define his or her future needs and desires. They can direct how their resources accumulated during a lifetime will later be shared among family, friends and church. Including the church in your estate plan is a profound expression of your beliefs and values. It can be a reflection of a faithful life well-lived. With legal and tax counseling, often a donor is enabled to make a larger gift than thought possible.

There are many ways to give to our church: You can make an outright gift of current assets or appreciated securities, make a specific or proportional bequest to Good Shepherd in your will, designate Good Shepherd as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, give a life income gift, use tax-deferred retirement plans, and more. Your specific bequest is treated with confidentiality by the church and your gift can be anonymous, if you prefer. You will want to discuss all options with your legal and financial professionals.

Joining the Legacy Society

Information about joining Good Shepherd’s Legacy Society is available from the church office, the Legacy Society’s Board President and Trustee, Susan Jones and from the other Trustees.

Brochures and information about writing your will, taking inventory of your assets, putting your affairs in order, and charitable giving, as well as the Legacy Society Pledge Card are available.

The endowment funds are held and invested with Colorado Episcopal Foundation where they are conservatively invested. Endowment Funds will accumulate until they reach a minimum level after which interest earnings become available for distribution to selected purposes. The Endowment Fund is overseen at the Parish level by the Legacy Society Trustees, Finance Committee, and Vestry. The Colorado (Diocese) Episcopal Foundation also provides guidance and financial handling assistance to individual parishes, including Good Shepherd.

For more information on the Colorado Episcopal Foundation, the Episcopal Church in the United States or the Episcopal Church Foundation, please visit their websites.

the good shepherd legacy society

The gifts of God for the people of God.

Good Shepherd’s Legacy Society was formed in 2007 to establish and promote future endowment of the church. The Society encourages learning, sharing and living in our church community through fellowship, educational offerings and congregational care. A five-member Board directs the Legacy Board. A Statement of Endowment Policy was approved by the Vestry November 14, 2006. Details on Legacy Society Board and Endowment Policies are available from Board members and the Good Shepherd treasurer.

The By-Laws of the Good Shepherd Legacy Society and a number of other materials, including a summary of our Parish history are available upon request from our office.