From DeeDee Atwood: The importance of “sharing” on Facebook

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Are you a Facebook junkie? Or, do you fall somewhere between “I have an account, but never use it”, to “I don’t do social media”? Whether we like it or not, Social Media is here to stay, and is a valuable tool to attract new members.

 Wherever you fall on the spectrum of Facebooking, I’d like to discuss a two very important and simple Facebook practices that will greatly help us in our efforts to grow our congregation – that is, Facebook “liking”, and its more important sister, Facebook “sharing”.

 Many of you know that when you see a posting on Facebook you have an option to click a button below the post to “like” it. The “like” function is effective in showing others that the post is popular – which is great, but this “like” is only seen by those who already follow our page. We already know we are great – but, it’s newcomers that we want to attract.


That brings us to “sharing”. On the bottom far right of each post is a button to “share” the post. When you click on this button, you are able to “share” the post with all of your personal friends on Facebook. And, if they decide to share our post, then you can see how quickly the word can spread. So go ahead, and make our day, by "sharing" posts from Good Shepherd with your friends. This is how we grow.

 Table Top Display Cards

As you enjoy fellowship after Sunday morning services, we hope you will take the time to notice our new table top displays which you will see starting in April. These cards will be three-sided, and will feature upcoming church events for the month, ideas from our Invite, Welcome, Connect committees, and questions to engage you as you sit and socialize during coffee hour.